More stuff about me

This page is still under construction! Links to friends:
This is one I've been helping to get up and running -
Lora's Sanctuary

Links to ex's: One of the things I've been doing over the past year or so is BBSing...
Some friends of mine in Aurora run a BBS (Asgard) and they've got their own Web pages

I'm working on putting my Résumé online. You can see my progress so far.

Another thing that fascinates me is various musical interpretations of the requiem mass. I've collected a number of different settings of the requiem, with my personal favorite being Verdi's. The reason for all of my interest isn't to be morbid (as at least one person who shall remain nameless has suggested), but rather that one day I'd like to compose one of my own, once I know some more about music theory and orchestration.
To see a generic copy of a requiem's text, click here.