Following is a list of web pages recommended by the users of Asgard BBS (708-844-2191). Please note that not all links here have been tested. Updates will be forthcoming. Thanks to everyone who contributed! -Ellie

I. Visit This Page First

  • Asgard Online - Asgard BBS's very own home page! Lots of great pagan/occult texts, graphics, and links. Includes artwork by Asgard's own Sandman and Ravenblood, poetry by Twilight, and text by Cernunos.

    II. Home Pages of Asgard Users

  • Castle Mad Baron - Mad Baron's home page. Visit the throne room, or consult the wizard Zodin (no relation to Xodin).
  • Spam Shirt Surprise - General Clubman's web page. Read all about life with GC! Learn Jester's pet peeve! Cool original files, too.
  • Witches of the West - Wolf Dreamer's home page. Excellent links to all sorts of pagan web sites!
  • Myrage Imagery - News and info and Shareware! All the latest on progs by Cernunos.
  • Ellie's Home Page - Star Trek stuff, Ellie's favorite music and movies, and other lame stuff.
  • Erik's Home Page - The Littlest Viking's own home page! Pooh Bear, Lion King, great cartoon links, holiday artwork by TLV's great-grandfather, plus amusing anecdotes about TLV!

    III. Xodin's Picks

  • Jumbo! - Shareware! Shareware! Shareware!
  • Free software and Shareware.
  • Space Movie Archive
  • R. Talsorian Games, Inc.
  • The Homepage Creator System. Create your own home page online.

    IV. Ellie's Faves

  • HUGE magick and occult web site. Anything you could ever want is here.
  • Shawn's Occult Resources. Very nicely done.
  • Pixies WWW page
  • Enya Home Page
  • The Sinead O'Connor Home Page
  • Monty Python Home Page
  • Cartoon World!
  • Animaniacs pointers

    V. User Recommendations

  • Light! A web page run by a member of Delphi's New Age Network. If you're interested in the tarot, this page is for you. Drop a note to JJ and tell her Genie sent you.
  • Web page for fans of the band Soundgarden.
  • Movie sound file archives. Awesome collection of WAVs!
  • Twilight's favorite Anime picture archive.
  • Ant Farm - "Only if you're really bored." -The Bi