List of CD-ROMs I own
(Does not include cd-roms that came with books or demos)

I started this so long ago, and it's so severely out of date now.... I'm not honestly sure why anyone would care what software I own, except maybe representatives of the Business Software Alliance. I have received offers in the past to buy a couple of these CDs but they're not for sale, sorry. All I will say is that I have Windows 95 (rev. B/aka OSR2), which came bundled with my Aptiva (which I'm still using 4 years later), legal copies of Windows 98 and the 98 SE upgrade for Win98 owners. I've also got more copies of Linux distros and BSD software than I know what to do with, and a couple of cd-rom sets for Solaris for Intel (IA-32). And most recently, legal full retail copies of Mac OS X, and AppleWorks 6.1 for Mac and Windows (which you can only get through the Apple Store for Education).