The first group of pictures were taken around my house, on 1/3/1999, after the driveway and sidewalk had been dug out. This was the second biggest snowfall (about 21" or nearly 60cm) in Chicago in 20 years, since the big blizzard of 1979.
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My dogs trying to make some sense of the snow
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View from the back porch facing roughly south
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West view from the porch
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Roughly northwest view from the porch
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View from in front of our house looking towards our neighbors, the Burdorfs.
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View from our house looking toward our other neighbors, the Grables.
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View of the front of our house, including the driveway, and my car.
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The large piles of snow in the parking lots at the College of DuPage campus, Glen Ellyn, IL.
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A view of a pond now starting to thaw at Lake Foxcroft Park.
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The sign at Lake Foxcroft Park, Glen Ellyn, IL, on Lambert Road.
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An abandoned car, still buried, on Naperville Road just north of Warrenville Road.
This second batch of pictures were all taken after the year's second major snowfall, which wasn't as big as the first, but still dumped about a foot of snow, in March 1999.
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A view from my window, after one futile attempt at shoveling the driveway, looking at my car.
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A view from my window of the street.
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Schatzie in the back yard, on the snow.
Thumbnail of image 15
Liebchen in the back yard, also in the snow.
(Both dogs tried, unsuccessfully, to stay on top of the deep snow that had already melted and refrozen into a hard surface on the top.) Thumbnail of image 16
View of my house from the street.
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