John Buell



A technical support position doing web development, consulting or full-time after completion of classes in August.


July 1998-October 1998
Support recruiting staff by carrying out internet searches for resumes to match positions within the company. Also helped to automate the process by creating and maintaining several databases using Access 97.

Developing and supporting web pages and computer systems for a variety of clients. Three notable examples include:

July 9, 1997 - November 21, 1997: American Nuclear Society, LaGrange Park, IL
Helping develop and maintain the ANS web site. Used Perl and C CGI tools for maintenance, coded HTML - converted documents from other formats for web use, created a channel for Internet Explorer 4.0

Sept. 17, 1996 - December, 1996: Food Science Department, Purdue University
Worked on designing web pages, assisting users, troubleshooting.

August 1996 - December 1996
Managed web pages for the Guru Java Coffeehouse at the Wesley Foundation at Purdue University

June 1996 - PRESENT
Maintaining DaDa Online, an informational website about Dada art, writing, and philosophy.
SKILLS: I can operate PCs, Macintoshes, Sun SPARC stations, NeXTs, can use UNIX (C-shell and Korn-shell) which includes SunOS, Solaris and AIX, as well as MS-DOS, MacOS, Windows from 3.x through NT, and have some experience with Novell Netware 3.11 and 4.1. I've written programs in Visual Basic (versions 4 & 5), BASIC, C, and C++. For web design, I know HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I'm also a little bit familiar with Java, Delphi, SQL, VBScript, ActiveX, Perl, and PILOT. I'm also qualified to run and use many different word-processing, spreadsheet, and database applications.


March 1997 - Present
Enrolled in part-time evening classes at the College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
Certificates of Completion Earned (with dates received):
Expected Graduation: Summer '99 with an Associates degree in Applied Science for Computer Information Systems as an Applications Programmer, and an Associates of Arts degree.
Also trying to get certified in Novell and NT networking.
1993 - 1996
Undergraduate course work in science and engineering at Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana) and the College of DuPage (Glen Ellyn, Illinois).


April 1994 - Present
Assistant Scoutmaster with Boy Scout Troop 133, Naperville, Illinois.
Aug. 1993 - Dec. 1994
Served on the Council on Ministries of the Wesley Foundation at Purdue University.
November 23, 1993
Earned Eagle Scout Rank.

Fluent in German.

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