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Image NameDescriptionFile SizeDate
JohnGrad1.jpg One of two pictures of me in a graduation cap and gown for the receipt of my two associate's degrees. 34KB June 11, 1999
johngrad2.jpg The other of the two pictures of me (with college president Murphy in the left foreground) during junior college commencement. I scanned this one at a lower resolution for people with lower bandwidths who might still be curious about my graduation 9 KB June 11, 1999
dresden.jpg Image of me standing at the edge of Dresden, ON
(Yes, that's my Ford Escort in the background with its hazard lights on).
21KB September 6, 1998
webcamtest.jpg Webcam test picture 40KB July 20, 1998
longhair1.jpg Just before I got my haircut 23KB November 1, 1997
longhair2.jpg 23KB
bday1.jpg Me sitting next to my 21st Birthday cake 27KB 27 October 1996
bday2.jpg A little later, eating same cake 17KB 27 October 1996
car.jpg Me standing alongside my new '97 Escort 12KB 1 February 1997
john.jpg Me in my Class A Boy Scout uniform 21KB March 1996
john97.jpg A more recent pic of me, with a tie even! 8KB March 1997
suit.jpg A picture of me taken at a wedding reception 49KB 12 July 1997
glasses.jpg Modeling a new pair of glasses 70 KB 14 July 1997
shades.jpg Modeling a new pair of sunglasses 15KB 14 July 1997
xmas.jpg My brother and myself taken before Christmas 11KB December 1996
twodogs.html My two doggies, see for yourself N/A ????
cartoon.jpg Academia Nuts from the Purdue Exponent 77KB 8 April 1997
second.jpg Part 2, poking fun at the Purdue University Computing Center (PUCC) 67KB 9 April 1997
pres.jpg More Academia Nuts 62KB 16 & 17 April 1997
sec.jpg Part 3, poking fun at Purdue Pres. Steven Beering 36KB 18 April 1997
Borg.gif An ancient (well okay, 1993) Exponent editorial cartoon. 62KB Fall 1993 sometime

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