Tom & Jerry: Whiskers Away! was released in 2003 (and is due for a 2004 re-release, will this include correct aspect ratios on some of the cartoons?) , and contains 10 Tom & Jerry Cartoons, all from the original Hanna/Barbera/MGM era. They are listed as they appear in order on the DVD.

  1. Cruise Cat (1952) [Cruise Cat contains an excerpt from the cartoon Texas Tom, which is later on the same disc]
  2. Neapolitan Mouse (1954)
  3. The Two Mouseketeers (1952)
  4. Posse Cat (1954)
  5. Mucho Mouse (1957) [originally animated for widescreen, but presented here in pan-scan]
  6. Cat Fishin' (1947)
  7. Texas Tom (1950)
  8. The Cat and the Mermouse (1949)
  9. Million Dollar Cat (1944)
  10. Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl (1950)

Other features include a "How to Draw Tom & Jerry" segment and trailers.