With the passing of DeepSeas and the start of Dino, I've already thought of an idea for new T-shirts, using mens' Croft and Barrow shirts from Kohl's (which my father has already successfully used as "official company t-shirts" for his model railroad).

The shirts have a pocket on the left side on the front, and are solid white on the back. I've been tinkering with ideas for a large logo on the back, but don't have anything ready yet (i.e. nothing has gone from brain to computer).

But to go over the pocket, I've come up with a couple of ideas. The image below indicates the possible fonts I could use, and red as a color is just for an example.

Those were all fonts from my handy PowerMac, and below is a pseudo-Roman looking font I designed using PaintShop Pro.

I'm still tinkering with the idea of making something neon-looking.

If you have any suggestions for such a shirt idea, or want to tell me I'm full of it and I should leave well enough alone, drop me an e-mail with "AVA T-Shirt Design" in the Subject line.